Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Query Performance Insight for SQL Server.

"If one query includes comments and another doesn’t, they can end up with different query plans and different performance." - Wow, who wouldda thunk?!? -- Read more.

MSFT Blesses Coffing DW (or funky news about SQL Server MPP)

Read more.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

May the (Dream)Force be with us all...

Next week in SF -- Read More.

Interesting Take on Oracle Support these Days.

Wow, surprising. Read More.

Is Aster Trying to Morph into an App Server(ice)?

Read More.

Faut-il basculer les traitements analytiques dans le data warehouse?

Personally, I'd say "no" but I must admit it sounds a lot better in French! :) -- Read More.

"Myth" and "Cloud" in the same Sentence...Again.

Interesting debunking piece -- Read More.

The Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

NoSQL vs. Relational - Read More.

Database Architechs Plugs ParAccel

They'll spread the ParAccel way throughout the world -- Read More.

QlikView has a Pint

Carlsberg and QV concoct a brew -- Read More.

Google sells you 16TB for 4 grand in the cloud

So, what mechanisms exist to push my data up there though? (not that I have 16TBs but...)  -- Read More.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Datallegro -> Madison -> "Parallel Data Warehouse Edition" of SQL Server

It's sure been a loooong road -- Read More.

Email Archiving in the Cloud: Hot.

“Our research indicates that the easiest way to justify an IT investment in the next 24 months is to provide a reduction in operating costs,” said Brian Babineau, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. - DUH? -- Read More.

HP gobbles up 3COM

Gee and I thought they were gonna do Teradata least I can stick post-its on my HP lappy now -- Read More.

Rolling your own ETL tools: Talk to the Hand!

Interesting two-part DI post -- Read More.

Windows Azure TCO Calculator

Krishnan Subramanian: "I was never excited about anything Microsoft offered in the past..." Kinda brutal, but at least he likes Azure -- Read More..

Ragged Hierarchies in MDX - Huh, yeah doesn't everyone know that? :)

MDX Guru Chris Webb learned something (so we all do) -- Read More.

Major Tech Buckets in EDW/BI for 2010

Anything left out? -- Read more.

The British are Still Coming!

Kognitio does analytics in their own cloud - Read more.